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How To Keep Track Of Your Budget While Traveling

June 16, 2021 • 5 min read

Summer’s right around the corner, and that probably means it’s time to cross some items off your travel list. A recent survey conducted by home-based travel agencies revealed that about 95% of Americans plan to travel in 2021. But how will this affect your finances? Maintaining a budget is not easy while on vacation, but spending smartly might enrich your travel experience. Avoid falling into expensive tourist traps and turn your trip into a stress-free escape. It’s possible – with just a bit of planning. Whether you’ll be hiking the Rocky Mountains, tanning on an island, or exploring a new city, follow the tips below so that a trip to refuel your soul doesn’t end up draining your wallet.

1. Set a Travel Budget

You’re on vacation, so you obviously want to plan your trip your way. First, you’ll have to estimate all costs and save accordingly. Whether it’s a spontaneous trip, or a trip you’ve planning for a while, be sure you’re able to afford it. Then, you’ll need to categorize your expenses by food and drink, transportation, fun activities, shopping, and more. You’ll also need to consider the price of a hotel (or Airbnb) and plane ticket. Building an itinerary will help, so there are no surprise expenses later on. For instance, if you know you want to stay at a chic hotel, you’ll have to spend a little more, and that’s okay, as long as you’re prepared for it! Setting a travel budget is all about being ready for the things you want to spend money on.

2. Cut Back on Expensive Food & Drinks

If your budget allows it, you’ll want to dine out at some of your destination’s finest restaurants, but it doesn’t have to be every night. You might benefit from visiting the local market and making a few of your own meals if you’re up for it! You might also want to consider eating the included breakfast at your hotel if you’re staying at one. Otherwise, you’ll always have the option of eating at small, local restaurants with more affordable prices, and most likely the same quality food. As for booze, the prices of drinks add up pretty quickly, and either way, waking up the next morning without a hangover is always better when exploring a new place.

3. Do as the Locals Do

If you’re visiting a new destination, we recommend checking websites such as TripAdvisor for information on free tours/activities. However, if you want to stray away from tourist attractions, you might actually enrich your travel experience by doing what the locals do from time to time. For example, as mentioned, you can find some great food and drinks at local restaurants or bars for nicer prices. You might also want to consider public transportation or bike riding to see and meet local people. That way, you could ask them what they recommend for you to do or what the “must-see” sites are. Doing this will keep you in line with your planned budget, with no extra tourist tax expenses.

4. Set Aside Emergency Bucks

Just because you’re traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you won’t need some extra money set aside for the unexpected. You might run into a fun activity that isn’t on your itinerary, or you could end up doing some shopping you can’t really do back home. After all, a lot of the experiences you get when you travel are once-in-a-lifetime, and that’s why we want to recommend for you be as prepared as possible. After all, you’re probably traveling to unwind, disconnect from the real world, enrich your knowledge, and expose yourself to new cultures and peoples. Your emergency bucks could make your trip or break your trip.

Now that you’ve read over a few of our “travel budget” tips, we hope they’ll be able to make your vacation all-the-more worth it. For planning made extra easy, download BucksApp, where you’ll be able to create a tags for your trip(s) and view all your expenses all in one place. You’ll also be able to allocate your money into different categories for better organization. We know how many expenses come with traveling, and we got you.



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