BucksApp: Personal Finance App | Budgeting, Expense Tracking, Transaction Alerts, Categorization, Reports.

Keep your spending organized

Connect all yout accounts, and forget about feeling lost.

See where your money went with a quick glance at your phone. We'll organize your spending for you.

Budget effortlessly

We make a budget for you; tweak it to fit your needs. Keep it simple, or break it down by category.

We'll track your progress automatically (alerts included).

Mind the big picture

Details are important, but so is context.

Check your weekly and monthly reports to see your overall spending habits and cash flow trends.

Look ahead and avoid surprises

Track your subscriptions and be ready for upcoming payments.

Forget about hidden charges every month.


Security & Privacy

We are committed to protecting your information.


Unlimited Support

Our support team is here for you to answer any of your questions. Just a click away!



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